Our Favorites

At Canna Wellness, we have a deep commitment to our products, which is why we personally try every item in our store. Through this dedication, our staff has developed a strong understanding of their favorite products. Let's explore the team's favorites!

Trevar's Favorites

Trevar's favorites are based on their unique benefits and effects, particularly for anxiety relief.

First, the CBD:CBG tincture is Trevar's go-to choice to start the day. Its combination of cannabinoids offers anti-anxiety and mood-boosting properties. It provides a morning boost similar to a sip of coffee but without any subsequent crash. This tincture helps Trevar begin the day with a sense of calm and focus.

The Pineapple Express strain holds a special place for Trevar since it was developed based on their recommendation. This strain is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, making it an ideal option for those seeking mood enhancement and motivation.

Next, the D9 syrup from Habit Hemp is a favorite of Trevar's. This product can be used to unwind at the end of a long day, serving as a substitute for traditional alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, or liquor. By opting for the D9-infused syrup, Trevar can relax and enjoy a movie without concerns about hangovers or other side effects associated with alcohol. Instead, the syrup acts as a sleep aid, promoting restful sleep and preparing Trevar for the next day.

Trevar's favorites highlight the diverse benefits of different products, from anxiety relief to mood enhancement and relaxation. Their personal experiences and recommendations can greatly assist customers in finding the right products to meet their specific needs.

James' Favorites

James has discovered some fantastic products at Canna Wellness that he can personally vouch for. Let's dive into his top picks:

First on James' list is the CBD MD gummies. He truly enjoys their balanced composition, containing 10mg of delta 9 and 60mg of CBD. These gummies provide an ideal dose for both beginners and individuals with a low tolerance. The 1:6 CBD ratio is particularly beneficial for customers who may experience anxiety or paranoia when using cannabis.

Another product that James highly recommends is the Home Town Hero cereal bars. These delightful rainbow bars are perfect for users with a higher tolerance, as they contain a total of 300mg of THC. The chocolate version offers a 1:1 ratio of delta 9 THC to CBD, providing calming effects alongside anxiety and pain relief.

Lastly, for those who prefer a traditional smoking experience, James suggests trying the Flow Gardens flower. This flower offers a nostalgic and relaxing wake-and-bake experience while remaining affordable. What sets it apart is the presence of CBD, making it an excellent option for individuals who appreciate the benefits of CBD during their smoking sessions.

James' favorites at Canna Wellness reflect his personal experiences and preferences. Each product offers unique benefits and contributes to his well-being and enjoyment. His firsthand knowledge can be invaluable in helping customers find the right products that align with their own needs and desires.

Zoe's Favorites

Zoe has discovered some remarkable products at Canna Wellness that she highly recommends. Let's explore her top picks:

First, Zoe's preferred choice is the Colorado Hemp Honey Lemon Relax. She enjoys incorporating a tablespoon of this honey into her morning smoothie as a sweetener, adding a delightful flavor and serving as a healthy alternative to sugar or regular honey. Each serving contains 15 mg of hemp extract, which leaves Zoe in a wonderful mellow mood, setting a positive tone for her day. This product is sourced from a small organic farm in Parker, Colorado, and the company also dedicates a portion of each sale to support programs such as Veterans to Farmers and Freedom Service Dogs for veterans in need. Zoe appreciates the company's commitment to giving back to the community.

Next, Zoe finds great satisfaction in having the Canna Hemp CBD Isolate Disposable Vape Cartridge on hand throughout the day. This product not only offers an incredible flavor profile with carefully selected terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, and terpinene, but it also provides an exceptionally smooth vaping experience with its coconut oil base. With each hit containing slightly under 4 mg, this cartridge promotes relaxation, pain relief, and anxiety reduction. It serves as an effective alternative to traditional nicotine consumption and electronic cigarettes, offering a focused and calming experience without any distracting high. Zoe is particularly pleased that Canna Hemp sources their CBD isolate from small farms in Colorado and Nevada that adhere to organic cultivation practices.

Lastly, Zoe's beloved furry companion benefits from the Paw CBD 300 mg Hemp Oil. Her 9-year-old Pit mix suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis. After incorporating CBD oil into her dog's diet alongside glucosamine, Zoe observed a remarkable improvement. In addition to the joint support provided by glucosamine, the CBD oil decreases inflammation and alters pain signals, making it easier for her pet to walk and climb stairs. Zoe noticed a significant increase in her dog's energy levels, and she once again exhibits the playful behavior of a puppy. Alongside its anti-inflammatory effects, the hemp oil offers relief from anxiety, nausea, increased appetite, and potential benefits for epilepsy and cancer treatment. Zoe is grateful that Paw CBD, an award-winning organic company, established Round of Appaws, an organization that contributes to shelters across America.

Zoe's favorites at Canna Wellness exemplify the various benefits of different products, ranging from enhanced mood to relaxation and overall well-being, both for herself and her cherished pet. Zoe's personal experiences and recommendations are invaluable in assisting customers in finding the products that best suit their specific needs.